Drake White Hopes to Tour 'Until My Last Day' After Doctors Said He Wouldn't Walk Again

"It's just so life-giving to be out here," country singer Drake White says on the PEOPLE Every Day podcast of returning to tour after doctors said he wouldn't walk again

Drake White is back on the road after a debilitating health scare.

The country singer, 38, who is currently touring with Whiskey Myers, opens up about getting back to work after doctors told him he wouldn't walk again on the latest episode of the PEOPLE Every Day podcast.

"We're out there touring, and this is what I love to do. I love being out here and being on stage," he says. "And the fact that there were people that said that I may never perform again, it's just so life-giving to be out here."

White continues, "The live show has taken on a new meaning and there's a lot of energy in it. There's a lot of hope and passion in it ... We're gonna be touring all the way through the spring and summer and hopefully pull the 'Willie Nelson' and be doing it until my last day."

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Drake White. Courtesy Drake White

He previously revealed his diagnosis of an arteriovenous malformation (AVM), an abnormal tangle of arteries and veins in the brain that disrupts normal blood flow, after he nearly collapsed onstage during an August 2019 show in Roanoke, Va.

White recalls his "whole left side" being paralyzed as he had a stroke, adding: "I couldn't feel my left hand, my left foot, and I basically had to relearn how to walk."

"My wife [Alex White] was a huge part of that. She came in and basically helped me physically move my leg until my brain started cognitively thinking about learning, [and] those nerves to get me back on my feet, literally," White recalls. "All I wanted to do was write this muse out and I didn't wanna waste the muse, I guess."

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He channeled his experience into his new album The Optimystic, out Friday. "This album is the result of just pushing through adversity and pushing through challenges," White says. "Tomorrow's gonna be better than yesterday and that that's a message I think that right now people need to hear."

Drake White's The Optimystic is now available for streaming and download.

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