Chilling Out! Dierks Bentley Takes Annual Polar Plunge to Ring In the New Year – Watch Now

2016 has officially begun for Bentley ... with a deep freeze

Photo: John Shearer/Getty

New year, same chilly challenge.

Dierks Bentley took his annual polar plunge, joined by a large group, at a lake in Nashville on Friday.

“Lake jump 2016. This is ridunkulous but we’re doing it anyway,” Bentley, 40, says in a video of the event. “I don’t know why we do this, but we do it.”

While the “Say You Do,” singer may not know the reason for the long-running (they’ve been doing it for 14 years!) tradition, one of his buddies was able to put it in perspective.

“We do it to wash off the old and breathe in the new,” the friend clarifies.

No matter how long the friends have been taking the plunge, the cold water is never easy to take. Bentley is visibly apprehensive as he walks into the waters until he’s shoulder deep before dunking his head.

“2015’s gone. 2016 lake jump is complete,” he adds.

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