The father-son pair have a jam-packed day that includes puppies, arcades and a waterpark

Dierks Bentley is making his latest music video a family affair!

The country singer enlisted his 5½-year-old son Knox to star in the video for his single “Living,” marking his youngest child’s performance debut.

The clip follows the father-son pair as they go throughout an action-packed day, which includes everything from the arcade and the waterpark to playing with puppies in the backyard.

Knox, Dierks Bentley
| Credit: Capitol Nashville

It begins with Knox excitedly waking up Bentley from his slumber — something that was actually rather true to life, as the singer explains in a behind-the-scenes video.

“I’m supposed to look like I just woke up, which is good, because I just did wake up,” he says.

From there, Bentley, 43, and Knox rock out in their pajamas on a drum set, hit a piñata, ride go-karts and bumper cars and jump in a foam pit before passing out on the couch.

“It’s basically just me and Knox, just a day in the life,” Bentley explains. “The two of us, just doing what we’re doing when we’re off the road, which is a lot. We pack a lot into one every day.”

Knox, Dierks Bentley
| Credit: Capitol Nashville

The behind-the-scenes clip adorably ends with Knox declaring, “That’s a wrap!”

At a press conference before his No. 1 party for “Burning Man” on Apri 15, Bentley shared even more details about shooting the video. After being out of the road for much of the winter, he said he snapped on the idea, pitched by director Wes Edwards, because it was “a chance to hang out with my son on an off day and just do stuff that we do anyway — kind of on steroids.”

The shoot actually took three days, and Knox didn’t find out he was Dad’s costar until almost the last minute. Bentley and his wife, Cassidy, also have two daughters, Evie, 10, and Jordan, 8, which presented “a tricky kind of situation,” Bentley said. “Everything’s tit for tat, so I think I tried to hold off as long as possible and make it as normal as possible.”

On the first day of the shoot, Bentley was just back from three weeks on tour, and he confessed, he was road-weary and “a little grumpy,” but Knox “kind of pulled me through, and I had a better attitude the second day. It was hard not to: ‘Okay, were gonna go ride go-karts! Okay, now we’re going to the wave pool! Now we’re gonna do bumper cars! Now we’re going to the trampoline park!'”

Knox, he said, “was having the time of his life,” and Dad could see “a little ‘child actor thing’ happen” as the boy learned how to play to the cameras. But this isn’t the start of any budding career, Bentley added. “It was good, it was fun,” he said. “He did a great job. Let’s kind of go back to doing normal stuff here!”

2018 CMT Music Awards - Red Carpet
Jordan and Dierks Bentley
| Credit: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Now, Bentley said, he has to contend with two daughters wondering when their videos will be filmed. “I’ve put myself in a little bit of a conundrum here,” he said. “Jordan thinks we’re going to go mountain climbing together and do ‘The Mountain’ video.”

Evie has already had a special moment with Dad, joining him on stage to sing “Travelin’ Light” at his recent concert in Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena. And she also has other impressive bragging rights: songwriting credit with her dad.

At the Nashville press conference, Bentley shared the story of driving Evie to school one day when she was just 8, and he told her, “I’ve got to go write songs today after I drop you off.” Evie corrected Bentley: “Not ‘got to,’ Dad. You get to.'” That day, he ended up writing a song called “I Get To,” and he listed Evie as a co-writer.