The singer soars in his latest video, which debuted on Funny or Die on Monday

By Danielle Anderson
Updated May 12, 2014 01:05 PM

Forget first class: Flying with Dierks Bentley is the only way to go!

If you think Bentley’s new song “Drunk on a Plane” is fun, just wait until you see this video. It’s what flying should be (well, minus the drunk pilots!). The singer shows off his flying skills (he’s a licensed pilot in real life), his passion for partying and his ability to rock a mustache – all in less than five minutes.

“There are a few subplots working underneath the main story that totally crack me up,” Bentley tells PEOPLE Country. “If you watch it a couple times, you start to pick up on more funny details.”

Footage of the video plays on the big screens of Bentley’s Riser tour – and it’s not just fans that are loving it. “I have a hard time not turning my back to the crowd to watch it myself,” the singer says. “So many hilarious moments.”