PEOPLE gets an exclusive look inside the country singer's inbox

By Katie Kauss
February 27, 2014 09:15 PM
Rodrigo Vaz/Getty

Dierks Bentley had two big releases this week: his new record Riser – and his personal email address.

In the midst of sharing his excitement over his seventh studio album, the country singer screengrabbed an email from iTunes announcing that Riser was available for download – but forgot to crop out his own address.

His inbox was immediately flooded with hundreds of emails from fans, but Bentley, 38, kept a sense of humor about the situation. Quickly realizing his goof, the singer Tweeted, “Phone is gonna need some more Gbs. Yikes!”

“OMG y’all are killing me! Definitely my most “personal” album release ever,” Bentley joked. “Can’t help but love the emails/stories” he added, including a photo of his inbox touting 536 unread messages.

Although he eventually figured out his social media situation – “Going to try this again. Triple checked. No email address!” he wrote Tuesday – PEOPLE got an exclusive look at what landed in his inbox after Bentley’s first attempt.

Here’s a peek at the messages the musician received, which range from funny to heartfelt.

• “If you read this . I would love the [chance] to sing with you! – I am a nursing student that sings at church and loves country music!”

• “It would be SO awesome to actually get an email back from you! Your music is so good! – Keep doing what you’re doing, because it’s working!”

• “Just wanted to say sorry you showed us all your email, but I hope you realize how far spread the reach of great music is. I saw you in concert in August 2011 and although I was already a big fan, that mini concert was one of my favorites ever. Your storytelling and easygoing nature is captivating. Good luck with Riser and all future endeavors.”

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• “Big fan. Purpose of the email to to say thank you for honoring the 19 firemen killed in the Yarnell fire. The concert you put on meant A LOT to all of us in the fire service. Next time you’re in L.A., we’d like to invite you to our fire station for lunch, dinner or just a cup of coffee.”

• “Riser hit me right at home. My dad was diagnosed with pretty severe cancer a few years ago, and it’s not looking good. We are still fighting, but he likely doesn’t have much time left I was really struggling to understand this and to find a way to cope, and then I heard “I Hold On” for the first time. It was in that moment that I realized that no matter what happens, no matter how little or much time we get .. I know that a part of me will hold onto his memory forever even when that day comes.

“So I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for doing what you do. Thank you for putting music out there that people like myself can connect with. And thank you for being willing to share that part of yourself with us. It’s what helps get me through some of my worst days.”

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