Go Behind the Scenes with Darius Rucker 'For the First Time' in Rollicking New Single

It's the second single off Rucker's new album When Was The Last Time, out Friday

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Darius Rucker‘s asking that question on his new single, dropping Friday along with his long-awaited fifth studio country album, When Was the Last Time on Capitol Records Nashville. The LP is a follow-up to the Grammy-winning artist’s Southern Style.

David McClister

And Rucker, 51, says it was no happenstance that the music video for “For the First Time,” written with Derek George and Travis Hill, made its debut on the same day.

“It’s no coincidence I’m sharing the ‘For the First Time’ video the same day When Was the Last Time finally reaches fans,” Rucker tells PEOPLE, sharing a behind-the-scenes sneak peek at the video soon.

“[Director] Jim Wright did an incredible job of capturing the energy and optimism of the song in this video, and it sets just the right mood for diving into this new album.”

David McClister

“For The First Time” is the follow-up to his most recent No. 1 single, “If I Told You,” marking eight country No. 1 singles for Rucker since his country music debut in 2008.

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