Did the country singer deserve it? You be the judge ...

By Danielle Anderson
Updated December 14, 2014 10:00 AM
Credit: Paul Zimmerman/WireImage

This year, all Darius Rucker wants for Christmas is not to get coal in his stocking – again!

“Two years ago, we were taking our stockings down on Christmas morning and my kids were like, ‘Daddy you were bad this year? You have coal in your stocking!’ ” Rucker tells PEOPLE. “I looked at my wife and go, ‘Really? That’s what you’re going to do to me today?’ She’s laughing so hard and I’m like, ‘Yeah, thanks a lot honey.’ That was pretty funny.”

But surely Rucker must have done something to earn that coal?

“Yeah, I’m sure I did,” says the South Carolina native, 48. “I probably worked too much or something.”

And while Rucker, who has a new Christmas album, Home for the Holidays, out this year, is clearly a huge fan of Christmas (despite the coal incident!), when it comes to some of the traditions, he takes a ‘less is more’ approach.

“There’s this one neighborhood near me, it does this thing where everybody in the neighborhood tries to outdo themselves with lights,” he says. “We drive through every year and you see some stuff that’s really gaudy, but you also see some stuff that’s so cool. We just love riding through and looking at them all.”

So where does Rucker’s house fit in on a scale of 1 to Clark Griswold?

“Oh no, I’m very tame with our Christmas lights,” he says. “Daddy’s not one to go up and really go extravagant, putting up crazy stuff. It’s real down to earth what we do. I’m not trying to hurt myself, falling off my ladder!”