The duo get down and dirty for their new music video "Nothin' Like You," all for a good cause

By Madison Vain
Updated July 13, 2015 01:15 PM
Credit: Rick Diamond/Getty

When the music video for pop-country duo Dan + Shay’s latest single, “Nothin’ Like You,” opens, it seems like they’re about to take us down a Hangover-path plotline. Recovering from a crazy night at the ACM Awards, Shay Mooney leans across a diner table and wonders to Dan Smyers, “Dude, what happened last night?” “I have no idea,” Smyers groans in return, before realizing they have a dining companion: a beautiful Doberman pinscher.

Neither knows when, or how, the dog joined them, but when it takes off running, chasing a not-so-bad-looking-herself yellow lab, they follow. They pick up more canine companions along the way, and suddenly everybody’s in a field, in the rain, playing in the mud. And just before you start wondering how they managed to attract so many unleashed friends, we snap back to the diner, where Smyers is waking Mooney from a dream.

“Making the video was an absolutely amazing time,” Mooney tells PEOPLE exclusively of the shoot, which is meant to raise awareness of animal rescue and adoption. “Getting to hang out with dogs all day could hardly be considered work. Although I think I burned about 3 million calories by chasing after them.”

Speaking more specifically to the upbeat tune, he says, “I love this song because it sheds a good light on being a little left of center. It’s our weirdness sometimes that sets us apart in the best ways.”

Smyers adds, “We listened to our fans on this one. ‘Nothin’ Like You’ was always the best crowd response at our live shows, so we knew the song was reacting. The positive message about loving someone for who they are is something we support and like to be vocal about. The timing couldn’t be better on this release. The song sounds good cruising down the highway with the windows down, and who doesn’t love summertime?”

Check out the video above and visit Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue for more information on ways to help.

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