In PEOPLE Now's Confess Sesh, Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney reveal what it's really like on the road together

By Stephanie Petit
May 29, 2017 11:35 AM

Dan + Shay are spilling the beans on each other.

In PEOPLE Now’s Confess Sesh, duo Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney reveal what it’s really like on the road together. For one, Mooney can’t live without Red Bull.

“If there’s not Red Bulls when you wake up, that’s first order of business or the day’s not going to happen,” Smyers answered as his music partner’s biggest demand while on tour.

The country singer’s obsession with the energy drink is undeniable, as it came up again for another question.

Smyers reads, “Shay could never live without…”

“Dan!” his bandmate cuts in, before Swyers admits he was going to once again answer “Red Bull.”

When he’s not downing the caffeinated drink, Mooney stays hydrated with water — perhaps a bit too much of it. Smyers cited his partner’s frequent drinking of water — specifically his failure to dispose of the bottles – as something that drives him crazy.

Mooney also revealed some little known facts about Smyers, including an embarrassing moment when he named Mr. Peanut from Planter’s as his favorite Peanuts character during a game.

“They were talking about Peanuts characters like Snoopy!” Mooney explained.

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Smyers recently joined another duo after marrying longtime love Abby Law. The couple, who got engaged in November on Waikiki Beach in Hawaii after three and a half years of dating, tied the knot as the sun set in Nashville earlier this month.

Among their wedding party — which included his bandmate — were three very special members of the couple’s four-legged family — dogs Chief, Joy, and foster-turned-adoptee Ghost, dressed in tuxes and a coordinating dress.

“They are the most important bridesmaid and groomsmen,” Smyers joked to PEOPLE while exclusively debuting his and Law’s engagement photos in March.

Credit: Vic Bonvicini Photography

With Smyers’ wedding now behind him, the pressure is on Mooney and his fiancée Hannah Billingsley — though they’ve got their hands full at the moment. The pair welcomed their son, Asher James, in late January.

“We’re thinking fall for a wedding, but we’re still getting our plans together,” Mooney told PEOPLE in March. “I’m letting Hannah take care of most of that. We’re getting the details taken care of, but our main focus is Asher right now.”