Helen Strickland took to Twitter to update concerned fans on the search for her husband, who went missing while on a duck hunting trip over the weekend

Credit: Source: Twitter

Country singer Craig Strickland‘s wife Helen took to social media on Thursday to update fans on the search for her husband.

The country singer, 29, went missing Monday after heading into a severe winter storm to go duck hunting with his friend, Chase Morland. Morland was found dead on Monday by the pair’s capsized boat, though the singer’s black lab was found alive by his body.

“Boat marks, foot prints & dog prints were found today. No other sign of #CraigStrickland, but this cuts the amount of he search by 50%,” Helen tweeted on New Year’s Eve.

Two hours later, the former pageant queen clarified her message.

“Sorry for any confusion. The boat marks, footprints, and paw prints were from Sunday when #CraigStrickland & Chase first entered the water,” she tweeted.

One Wednesday, Helen expressed her faith in God and that “every difficult situation CAN be used for good.”

Strickland’s Backroad Anthem bandmates posted an emotional message to their Facebook page on Wednesday.

“For those of you who don’t know Craig he is the most passionate person that we know! He is on fire for God, his Wife, his family, his life, and this band,” they wrote. “Craig is by far the best communicator that we have ever seen. His passion for music and the stage are what many times have kept us going miles and miles down the road. We want Yall our fans, friends, and loved ones to know Craig is an amazing person, husband, son, bandmate, and most certainly best friend.”