Craig Strickland's family buried the singer under a cedar tree

By Char Adams
January 14, 2016 12:15 PM

Craig Strickland‘s widow Helen has shared photos of the country singer’s grave site following his memorial service on Tuesday.

“We found Craig under a cedar tree, and so it was only fitting that we should find one for him to rest under,” Helen wrote on Instagram.

Helen Strickland at husband's burial plot
Source Instagram

Strickland and his friend Chase Morland went missing while on a duck hunting trip at Kaw Lake in Kay County, Oklahoma, on Dec. 27.

Authorities searched for Strickland for more than a week before recovering his body in a thick tree and brush area 75 feet from the water on Jan. 4.

Friends and family gathered to say goodbye at a memorial service for Strickland on Tuesday at Cross Church in Rogers, Arkansas.

Helen wrote of the emotional service in the post.

“We held Craig’s memorial last night and we are already seeing God’s steadfast love through lives being changed due to hearing the legacy of Craig’s life and the message spoken about God’s unfailing love for us,” she wrote in the picture’s caption.

Craig Strickland with wife Helen
Source: Twitter

In a pre-taped video played during the funeral, Helen recalled the first time she met her late husband.

“As I walked through this exceedingly difficult and painful situation, I know that I am just getting started on my path of grief,” she said.

His father, Randy, also shared memories about Strickland, saying that he and his son “had such a special relationship, such a bond.”

“My son allowed me to share in his life and I really think that’s what he did for all of y’all. He invited you in. He was passionate and loving and caring,” Randy said.