"I am so thankful for technology in this moment because I will always have this," says Helen Strickland

By Danielle Anderson
January 05, 2016 11:45 AM

While mourning the loss of her husband, Craig Strickland’s wife is cherishing the memories she has of him.

Helen Strickland Instagrammed a sweet video message that her husband made for her before their 2014 wedding.

“On the day of our wedding Craig had me watch a video he had made to tell me how much he loved me,” she posted. “I am so thankful for technology in this moment because I will always have this. I watched this privately prior to walking down the aisle, and so now I want to share this small excerpt with all of you.

“Thank you @stylistmeganfarmer for helping him make this. I will cherish it for ever. ‘Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints. Psalms 116:15’ Thank you Lord for sharing #craigstrickland with me. You allowed me to borrow him on this earth, but he was always Yours. I will forever cherish our year of marriage. This was truly the type of man you were and will always be remembered as. I love you Craig Michael.”

In the video message, Craig is beaming while sharing a secret with his bride-to-be.

“There’ll be times where we’re sitting in our car and stuff where you don’t know this,” he says in the clip. “But I’ll look over at you and be like, ‘This is the person that God has created for me’ and that’s really special to me and I couldn’t be more lucky.”

Strickland, 29, disappeared last week after he and his friend Chase Morland went duck-hunting during winter storm Goliath. Morland’s body and the pair’s capsized boat was found on Dec. 28, a day after they went missing. Strickland’s family remained hopeful he would be found alive, but the singer’s body was recovered Monday morning in a thick tree and brush area approximately 75 feet off the shoreline.

Strickland’s band, Backroad Anthem, shared their grief on social media as well – issuing a statement on Facebook after learning their lead vocalist did not survive.

“We lost our brother, our best friend, our bandmate,” posted the band. “Craig was the most amazing person whose passion for life couldn’t be matched,” the country band wrote under a group photo. “Thankful to know he fought his way from the water to a hill and was lying in the shape of a cross on his back looking up to his Heavenly Father.”