Jason Aldean, Kip Moore and more reveal their most coveted gets from the man in red
Credit: Terry Wyatt/Getty

Everyone remembers their favorite gift from Santa, and country stars are no exception. So we asked some of Nashville’s biggest stars to think back and share their best Christmas surprises ever. Some of them may actually surprise you

Kip Moore: We all wanted a trampoline so bad. We asked every year and [our parents] never got us one. Then one magical Christmas we woke up and it was out there in the yard. We were so excited! I broke my finger on the very first day. We also used to ask for a go-cart every year and after the trampoline, we never got one.

Chris Young: I really wanted a guitar and got one for Christmas. I was 10, and I still have it. I’ve gotten lots more since then, but you never forget your first!

Sara Evans: The Easy Bake Oven. I loved it so much. It was like magic! I loved all the little pans and little mixes. I wanted to make everything the first day.

Justin Moore: I’m an only child so I pretty much got everything I wanted. I was somewhat spoiled rotten. I do specifically remember getting a set of wheels for my first truck when I was 16.

Thomas Rhett: I really wanted these sweet Roller Blades one year and I got them. I had mad respect for Santa that year.

Scotty McCreery: I was into the stars and the sky when I was a kid and I was asking for a telescope for a few years and I finally got one. I think I spent the next few weeks glued to that thing every night. I loved it.

Florida Georgia Line’s Brian Kelley: I’ll never forget the Christmas when there was a massive GI Joe fortress all set up when I walked downstairs Christmas morning. It was pretty incredible. When you’re a kid GI Joe is your life. Santa definitely came through that year.

Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard: I got a really epic Hot Wheels track. It could do flips and had a remote. I think my brother and I played with that every day until the next Christmas.

Darius Rucker: I remember being 10 years old and seeing this guitar in the Sears catalog and really wanting it. I said something to my grandmother about it. My mom raised us all by herself on a nurse’s salary and it was tough year for us. My grandma let me know that it probably wasn’t going to happen. I was cool, I braced myself that I wasn’t going to get the guitar.

I’ll never forget Christmas morning, walking in and seeing the Christmas tree and looking to my left … on the couch was my guitar sitting up right there! I just remember crying and being so happy. Later on in life, realizing how much my mom had to sacrifice and work overtime for me to get that guitar, that was pretty amazing.

Jason Aldean: One year I was big into Star Wars and I came in the room one Christmas morning and it looked like Toys ‘R’ Us was in my living room. There was all kinds of Star Wars stuff.

With additional reporting by Kay West