Big & Rich Reveal the Last Time Their Hands Got Dirty, Latest Splurge & More!

The country duo just released their latest album Did It for the Party

Country duo Big & Rich may have just released their latest album Did It for the Party, but Big Kenny and John Rich admit they still get star-struck.

“The last time I was star-struck was about a month ago in Nashville,” Rich, 43, admits to PEOPLE Now.

“I had the chance to go meet Dolly Parton,” he adds. “And if you don’t get star struck by Dolly Parton you’re not alive!”

As for the last time Big Kenny got his hands dirty? “I was weaning calves on the farm in Culpeper, Virginia,” shared the 53-year-old singer. “I think a little more than my hands got dirty, but hey!”

And when it comes to Rich’s last splurge, the artist says he just finished a home renovation project.

“I just built a 73-foot long guitar-shaped swimming pool in my backyard in Nashville,” said Rich. “Full of beer by the way!”

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