September 11, 2018 03:40 PM
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Cole Swindell is honoring his late father.

As the singer belts out the lyrics of his song “Dad’s Old Number” from his new album All of It, he relives the painful memory of losing his dad William suddenly in 2013 after a truck he was working on fell on him. His father was 65.

“It’s definitely the most personal song to me. If you’ve ever lost someone you love — doesn’t have to be your dad — no matter who that is, you know what it’s like to have their number right there in your phone and just wish you could call it through the good times and the bad times because they were the ones that were always there for you,” Swindell says.

“To be hit with the reality that you don’t have them to lean on anymore is a tough thing, but it’s real life and this song crushes me every time in a good way. I hope you folks who can relate to it find comfort,” the country star explains.

Labor Day marked the five-year anniversary of William’s death.

The emotional song’s lyrics include: “Sorry about the one-ring hangups, early morning, late night wake-ups/ It was just me, in case you’re wondering/ You’ve got dad’s old number.”

Cole Swindell
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Swindell’s hit single “You Should Be Here” is also a song that will make fans have to fight back tears as the 2016 song is about his dad as well.

The accompanying music video opens with an old video of Swindell calling his dad to tell him about signing his record deal, just weeks before he died. Sadly, it ends with the singer and his two brothers crying at their father’s headstone.

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