Colbie Caillat and Ex-Fiancé Justin Young Are 'Going Through the Sadness of Ending What We Had'

"We're going through the sadness of ending what we had," Colbie Caillat says of her breakup from bandmate and longtime love Justin Young

Colbie Caillat and Justin Young
Colbie Caillat and Justin Young. Photo: Colbie Caillat/instagram

Colbie Caillat and Justin Young may no longer be together, but the former couple still has deep love for one another.

Last week, the Gone West bandmates — who had been engaged for nearly five years and dating for over a decade — announced that they had split.

Speaking with PEOPLE days after sharing the breakup news, Caillat admitted that it “was weird on its own to have to write a statement and let people know about it.”

“But we also knew we’ve been so public with our relationship the whole 10 years,” said Caillat, 34.

The pair officially started dating in September 2009, and six years later, Young popped the question in May 2015. This past fall, the couple celebrated their 10-year anniversary.

Understandably, “we’re going through waves of emotions,” Caillat said of how they’re doing after parting ways romantically.

Colbie Caillat and Justin Young
Colbie Caillat and Justin Young. Colbie Caillat/instagram

But although the exes are “going through the sadness of ending what we had,” said Caillat, they “still get to work together every day and we’re still best friends.”

“I know we’re going to have challenging times,” said the singer, “but I think people around us feel like it’s going to be harder for us than we actually feel like it currently is.”

“Because we have that established, you know we’ve been friends honestly for 14 years — that’s what we knew, that’s what we knew is working together,” said Caillat. “So we’re both so grateful that we have this kind of love for each other that we do.”

On April 2, both Caillat and Young, 41, shared joint statements on their respective Instagram accounts, telling fans that they had “ended” their relationship.

Colbie Caillat and Justin Young
Colbie Caillat’s statement. Colbie Caillat/instagram

“This is difficult for us to share, but we want to be honest with you all. After 10 wonderful years, Justin and I have ended our relationship. We started out as best friends and we will continue to be best friends. And we will continue to work and make music together, as we always have,” wrote Caillat.

“It will be hard, but often times the hard choice is the right choice and the path that will allow each of us to move forward and to grow,” she continued. “We continue to be overwhelmed with gratitude for our love and time together.”

Young shared the same statement, which he wrote to be addressed from him and with Caillat’s name substituted.

Colbie Caillat and Justin Young
Colbie Caillat and Justin Young. Stephen Lovekin/Shutterstock

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Currently, the duo is social distancing in Nashville, Tennessee, amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“We’re in a really pretty neighborhood, so we feel lucky that we get to take these walks outside everyday for health and sanity and not be worrying that we’re going to be bumping into people,” said Caillat. “We’re just trying to find that balance of resting and resetting but also being productive for when this is all over, we’re prepared.”

Colbie Caillat and Justin Young
Colbie Caillat and Justin Young. Colbie Caillat/instagram

And although Caillat is an introvert, she’s eager to be with people again and is looking forward to playing music for her fans later this year.

“You know what’s so funny is I’m an introvert and when I’m home from tour I usually am like a hermit at home with my dogs. So for part of this pandemic is isolation/quarantine, it isn’t really new for me because that’s just what I’m used to doing as an introvert,” said Caillat.

“But I think what’s fascinating to me is that I’ve never wanted to be more social than I am now. I’m so looking forward to being back out in public and hanging with people and going to restaurants or bars and hanging with friends or playing shows and seeing everyone at the concert. I think it’s only been a few weeks, but I feel like it’s helped me appreciate what has always been there and what I want to build my life up more with,” she shared.

On Monday, Caillat and her bandmates — Young and married pair Jason Reeves and Nelly Joy — shared their “Slow Down” lyric video exclusively with PEOPLE.

Gone West
Gone West. Patrick Tracy

The song was written by the band last summer and was the final track to be added to the Canyons album.

“It’s actually my favorite song on the record because I love the sentiment, I love what we said lyrically, it always reminds me sonically and lyrically about driving the coast and through the canyons in California. It has that Fleetwood Mac kind of vibe musically and I love that all four of us in the band are singing lead on it. It’s my favorite song,” said California native Caillat. “I’m really glad that it’s out now so that people get to hear a glimpse of what the rest of the album’s like.”

Gone West’s Canyons album, which is available now for pre-order, is out June 12.

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