"This song means a lot to us because we've all experienced regretful heartbreak in the past and have friends that are currently living out the story in real time," the band tells PEOPLE


Colbie Caillat‘s band Gone West understands firsthand what “regretful heartbreak” feels like.

Three months after the release of their new single, “What Could’ve Been,” Gone West has released the music video for the song, which is “a split-screen heartbreak story of a broken romance that could have turned out more favorably,” the band tells PEOPLE.

In the PEOPLE exclusive premiere of the music video, the singing quartet — comprised of Caillat and her fiancé Justin Young, and married pair Jason Reeves and Nelly Joy — portrays two couples who “realize that if they would have done small things differently in their relationship, the big picture of it would look entirely different.”

“Both sides of each couple wish they were still together but don’t know the other feels the same,” the band explains about the video. “The mirrors reflect what could’ve been, showing the beautiful, happy moments that would be happening if they had stayed together.”

Incorporated throughout the music video is a series of mirrors, with reflections that “show alternate outcomes to the two relationships while each of the members sit alone in a house reminiscing.”

Gone West
Credit: Patrick Tracy

“We wanted the viewers to see both of these sides of the story playing out simultaneously and [director and editor Patrick Tracy] made the visual magic happen through intricate shooting and editing,” they share. “We agreed that for our first single to radio, it would be nice to focus on the two couples we have in the band and lean on our love that we have for each other to act out the narrative.”

Colbie Caillat and Gone West
Colbie Caillat and Justin Young
| Credit: Patrick Tracy

While both couples — Caillat and Young, and Reeves and Joy — are happy and in love, the theme of the song is still significant to the band: “This song means a lot to us because we’ve all experienced regretful heartbreak in the past and have friends that are currently living out the story in real time.”

“For us it’s also a good reminder to reach out and show love openly before it’s too late, especially in the hardest moments. There are some heartbreaks that you know in your heart are for the best. And then there are other heartbreaks that you can’t help but wonder,” they explain.

Colbie Caillat and Gone West
Colbie Caillat, Justin Young, Nelly Joy and Jason Reeves
| Credit: Patrick Tracy

As to why they chose Franklin, Tennessee, for the location of the video, the Nashville-based group credits Tracy for finding the “beautiful old farm house with that moody esthetic we had envisioned” for filming.

“We also love how the hills of Tennessee vibrate with the energy this song was written and recorded within,” says the band. “This helps all the vibes align and hopefully connect the song to a powerful visual storyline.”