"I'm holding off on chemo at the moment and letting the natural stuff do its work," Criscilla Anderson tells PEOPLE
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The Andersons
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There is a saying in the Coffey Anderson household, a saying that the family of the country music singer/songwriter follow and abide by no matter what trials and tribulations come their way. Simply put, the Andersons don’t quit and they don’t lose.

And at this very moment, this mantra has never stood more true.

Late last month, Criscilla Anderson, 40, headed to her Instagram Stories to update her followers on her current battle with Stage 4 colon cancer, and shared the news that her tumor markers continue to go down, with some of her tumors now under 5mm in nature.

The mother of three is calling it a miracle.

“This is my testimony in the making,” she told her loyal social media following from the front seat of her car while sitting outside of the City of Hope National Medical Center in California. “I know that God has healed me. I know this is my miracle from God. I have received my healing from Him. I will be here to watch my babies grow up and I will be here to grow old with my husband. I’m going to keep doing everything that God has put in my path to stay healthy.”

In the two years since the actress/choreographer/dancer received the earth-shattering news that she would soon be entering the battle of her life against colon cancer, Criscilla has used a number of different treatments to combat the disease — everything from high dose vitamin C treatments to time spent in barometric chamber infrared saunas to following a strict vegan and ketogenic diet.

"I'm holding off on chemo at the moment and letting the natural stuff do its work," Criscilla tells PEOPLE from her and Coffey’s California home just outside of Los Angeles. “I’m staying diligent with my supplements and my diet and just letting God work his miracle on me."

Criscilla’s treatments also included a much-anticipated trip to Marbella, Spain at the beginning of the year to be treated by cellular biologist Dr. Raymond Hilu, funded in part by generous donations to Criscilla’s active GoFundMe page.

“The trip was very healing not only physically, but mentally and emotionally and spiritually because there was a time when I was very angry with God,” says Anderson, who hopes to return to Spain in the next few months for additional treatment if she can find a way to raise more funds. “I have chills talking about it. I came back a different person. I truly feel that going to Spain was a huge part of my healing.”

“I’ve never seen a stronger, more focused person on purely staying alive than her,” Coffey, 41, tells PEOPLE of his wife, whom he began dating back in 2008. “Not only does she do all she can for her health, but Criscilla has sheltered our kids from the ugly side of this fight.”

Indeed, 8-year-old Ethan, 6-year-old Emmarie and 3-year-old Everleigh has been along for this cancer ride from the beginning.

“They’ve seen the days when she can’t walk or talk very well, but they know and believe that their mom will win,” explains Coffey. “After watching their mother fight this for the past 26 months, they believe that to be true … she will win.”

Despite this current influx of good news regarding Criscilla’s condition, Coffey says they never truly feel out of the woods.

“Families that fight cancer never really feel out of the woods even with good news,” he explains of his wife, who has been vocal with the unfortunate side effects of her cancer plight, including hair thinning to occasional memory loss.

coffey anderson
The Andersons
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Add that to the fact that Anderson, like virtually all his country music counterparts, has seen his career slowed to a virtual standstill as coronavirus continues to spread, and it remains a scary time for the entire family.

But this family is built to succeed.

“We relish moments together more than ever,” Coffey explains. “Each day is cherished, that’s for sure.”