Cody Johnson Says His Song ''Til You Can't' Has Changed His Life: 'Gave Me a New Perspective'

The Texan won two prizes, including male video of the year for the hit song, at the 2022 CMT Music Awards

Cody Johnson knows the power of a good song — and the country singer says he's definitely learned the lesson from his massive hit "'Til You Can't."

Before the 2022 CMT Music Awards, Johnson, 34, told PEOPLE on the red carpet that the message of the song, which was written by Ben Stennis and Matt Rogers, has changed his own life.

"It gave me a new perspective of, I'm only here for a little while," he says. "I've got to do the things that matter. Spend time with your wife, spend time with your kids, push your career, do it while you're here. Don't wait for the next chapter. Make the next chapter."

The singer's wife, Brandi, accompanied him to the CMTs on Monday night; they're parents to daughters Clara Mae, 7, and Cori, 5.

Johnson performed "'Til You Can't" at the show and also went home with two wins, for male video of the year (for "'Til You Can't") and CMT digital-first performance of the year (for "Dear Rodeo"). (He was also nominated for video of the year.)

Brandi Johnson and Cody Johnson
Brandi and Cody Johnson. Mike Coppola/Getty

The male video of the year award is just the latest accolade for "'Til You Can't." The song already has given the popular Texan a significant career bounce as his first radio No. 1, and it also has taken up residence at the top of the Billboard Hot Country Songs. Johnson knows it's the song's message that's resonating with listeners.

"I think it's something we all needed to hear," he said. "It was, take the chance while you've got the chance to take it. It's not about until they can. It's not about until the situation can. It's about when you can. And that's something we all have in common, because for all of us, eventually, it's going to be over. We've got to take the chances and make the marks while we can."

CMT Portrait Studio
Cody Johnson. The Tyler Twins

The reactions he's received playing the song live is "incredible," he said, and he's been able to experience crowds singing the words back to him "like nothing I've ever seen."

Even as he's enjoying this moment with such a career-defining song, Johnson isn't resting on its success.

"I don't do that," he said, "You know me. You don't ever celebrate a playoff win. You just celebrate the Super Bowl. I'll let you know when I get there."

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