Why You Have to Dress Up Like Batman to Get Noticed at a Chris Young Concert

The singer reveals the ups and downs of life on the road to PEOPLE

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A bunch of No. 1 hits and loads of adoring fans turning out to see you on stage … sounds like a totally glamorous life, right? Not so fast, says Chris Young.

We caught up with the “Lonely Eyes” singer on tour recently and asked him all about life on the road. As it turns out, his life isn’t always as exciting as you might think it is (okay, it’s still pretty great!). Read on to hear the truth about what happens on tour buses and more:

My tour ritual is I always pray before I go on stage. This is paraphrasing, but we pretty much just say, ‘Don’t let us mess up!’ It’s actually more like, ‘Dear Lord, please don’t let me suck.’

Favorite tour food “Steak and potatoes! I eat like three hours before I go on stage; I never eat right before I go on.”

The least glamorous thing about touring is “What we look like from day to day. We’re all walking around in like free swag T-shirts we got from somewhere and eating potato salad out of a Styrofoam container on buses. It’s not very glamorous at all.”

The coolest thing about my tour bus is “The shower! And it’s big enough for me to put my elbows up and turn around in and that’s saying something – I’m a large dude.”

My favorite thing about touring (besides performing) is “Seeing the country. We stopped one day and went to a [Baltimore] Orioles game and it’s just getting to do stuff like that You don’t necessarily think about it at the time, but it’s like, some people make a destination out of this, and for us, it’s just an off day.”

The little piece of home I have to have on tour with me is “I’m a nerd at heart, I have to have my Xbox.”

By the end of a tour the thing I’m most sick of is “The inside of my tour bus.”

My favorite way to pass time on the bus is “Old movies! Anything by Mel Brooks. I’m a die-hard Mel Brooks guy.”

The most interesting thing on my tour rider is “We ask for cottage cheese a lot, which gets us a look. I guess most artists are like, ‘Jack Daniels and Coke,’ and we ask for that too, but then there’s cottage cheese down there.”

The funniest thing I’ve seen at one of my shows is “A really heavy guy in like 98-degree weather, wearing a complete Batman costume and drinking a beer.”

Check here for Young’s upcoming tour dates (and be sure to pack that Batman suit!).

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