Chris Stapleton Says Black Lives 'Absolutely' Matter: 'It's Time for Me to Listen'

"The country that I thought we were living in was a myth," the country star told CBS This Morning

Chris Stapleton is clear on his stance on racial justice: Black lives "absolutely" matter.

Chatting with CBS This Morning, the 42-year-old opened up about his shifting perspective on race in America and how he was moved by the movement for racial justice following the police killing of George Floyd.

"There's a very broad awakening that's come about," the "Tennessee Whiskey" singer said. "It's time for me to listen. It's time for other folks to listen."

"I thought we were living in a different country," he adds. "That's 100% real. The country that I thought we were living in was a myth."

Chris Stapleton
Chris Stapleton. Terry Wyatt/Getty

Stapleton added that society as a whole has "a lot of work to do." "And if you don't think that, I think you're not looking," he said.

After being asked if he supports the Black Lives Matter movement, Stapleton responded without hesitation: "Do I think Black lives matter? Absolutely. I don't know how you can think they don't."

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The country star also revealed that a song titled "Watch You Burn" on his forthcoming album details his reaction to the 2017 mass shooting at a country music festival in Las Vegas, where 59 were killed.

"Only a coward would pick up a gun to shoot up a crowd trying to have fun," he sings on the powerful track, which he describes as "therapeutic."

"It conveys a sentiment of let's cut that evil s— out," he said about the track. "It's a plea in some ways."

Stapleton released the title track of his album "Starting Over" earlier this month. Starting Over drops Nov. 13.

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