“Doing the right thing always ends up with a perfect outcome, and I would say that goes for guys and girls alike…" the country star tells PEOPLE

By Mariah Haas
December 08, 2017 01:45 PM

Chris Janson’s latest single “Drunk Girl” relays a message that means a lot to him — respect.

“From a guy’s perspective, I think it’s a good message for any age man to treat women with respect,” Janson tells PEOPLE exclusively of his new song.

“If it’s a situation where there is a drunk girl — maybe you’re dating her or maybe you’re not or maybe you just met her — take care of her,” says the country singer-songwriter.

“Do the right thing,” he adds. “Doing the right thing always ends up with a perfect outcome, and I would say that goes for guys and girls alike… You do the right thing; the right outcome always comes from it. You can always bet on that.”

So when Janson — along with pals Tom Douglas and Scooter Carusoe — penned the song back in May, the three tried to make the lyrics as “real and visual as possible,” as well as tell the story from a certain perspective.

“We’re all dads,” says Janson. “I’ve got four kids. Scooter has kids. Tom has kids — and we all know what it’s like to have girls and, man, we wrote this song from a dad’s perspective.”

He continues: “Tom actually was the initiator of the idea. He had it first, and he sent it to us, and it knocked us off our feet frankly. We basically thought, ‘You can never put enough good information into the world, and if we can write this song and craft it well enough, it might touch some people’s live — guys and girls alike.’”

Chris Janson
Robby Klein

And although they didn’t write the song “with any kind of knowing or any preconceived notions or anything,” the Everybody artist, 31, believes “it’s a good time to have it out there.”

“For the times that we’re in right now and with everything going on [with sexual assault and harassment at the forefront], it’s interesting. I think it fits perfectly maybe even better now than ever,” Janson says of the single, which just premiered its piano-only version, shared exclusively with PEOPLE.

He adds: “But … we just wrote a song to try to write a great song, and it just so happens that we put it out in this time of our life, and thank God it’s working. It seems to be reflecting upon a lot of people, and a lot of people have been giving us some great feedback.”

“That’s all you can really hope for,” says Janson. “You write ‘em and you hope people love ‘em. Either they do or they don’t. So I’m thankful that this one is taking charge like it is.”