The singer urges fans to listen to his whole album, not just his new single

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Chase Rice has written a letter to fans urging them not to judge his music by one song, but rather the whole body of work.

Having just released his brand new, sexy single “Whisper,” Rice posted a note to his website encouraging fans to listen to his entire album, which is due this summer.

“I’m not ignorant, there are a lot of people out there waiting for country music to find a little more depth and meaning,” wrote Rice.

“Well, I agree with you. Country music deserves that. This first song may not be what you’re looking for yet, but that’s ok, because music was not meant to be heard in singles, but in albums. My album will be out later this summer, and I can promise you one thing … if you absolutely love this progressive version, I appreciate you, and I think you will love this upcoming ALBUM.”

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Rice, 29, who co-wrote Florida Georgia Line‘s smash “Cruise,” explains he’s put all aspects of his life into his album and one song can’t tell the whole story.

“I grew up on guys like Garth Brooks and Kenny Chesney. Songs like “The Dance” and “There Goes My Life” spoke to me at that time and still do today,” wrote Rice.

“They helped shape me as an artist and as a man. I cannot speak to the state of country music, after all I’m just one small part of it, but I can speak about my music, and I have a strong desire to put my life stories – good or bad, fun or serious, cliche or not often said – into my albums.”

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