Carrie Underwood Invites a Lucky — and Talented — Fan to Rap with Her Onstage in Boston

On Thursday night, one inspirational Carrie Underwood fan hit the stage with the superstar at her concert

Carrie Underwood invites a lucky fan to rap with her onstage in Boston
Photo: Chuck Choi

When Carrie Underwood asked fans to send in stories about champions six months ago, Chuck Choi decided to take a chance.

The Design Specialist at HubSpot in Boston recorded and sent in his video, which detailed how he taught himself to speak English through listening to hip hop.

“I learned English through listening to Eminem the rapper,” Choi said in the video. “It’d be an honor for me to stand on the stage with you.”

Underwood, 36, loved Choi’s story so much, she invited him to rap with her onstage on Thursday at the TD Garden in Boston as part of her Cry Pretty 360 tour.

“Tonight we have Chuck. Chuck is a champion, because when he moved to the U.S., he didn’t speak any English. He chose to keep a good attitude, and learned to speak the language by listening to Eminem,” Underwood told the audience at the Garden. “Chuck says his experience has taught him that nothing is impossible, and you can overcome any struggle with a positive attitude.”

Dressed in a yellow hoodie, Choi rapped to “The Champion” alongside Underwood. After the song, Underwood and Choi posed for a quick selfie together on stage.

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“Carrie was so fun to perform with, and I got so hyped up to the point where my glasses fell off,” Choi told PEOPLE exclusively afterwards. “Carrie was very nice and picked up the glasses for me! As I was leaving the stage, everyone was cheering for me, asking to take pictures. I couldn’t get out of the arena for about 40 minutes. It was an experience I’ll never forget. Thanks to Carrie’s Crew, I’ll never forget feeling like a superstar.”

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