Carrie Underwood Shares Selfie as She Performs at the Grand Ole Opry for First Time Since Accident

Carrie Underwood is returning to her roots

Carrie Underwood is returning to her roots.

The Grammy Award winner gave a rousing performance at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee, on Friday night to celebrate her 10-year anniversary since she became a member of the legendary concert hall.

Underwood, 35, shared a selfie of herself on Instagram before taking the stage, writing in the caption, “10 year anniversary #OprySelfie @opry ❤❤❤.”

The Grand Ole Opry’s Instagram account also shared videos of the momentous occasion on its Instagram Story. As part of her set, the singer sang some of her hits including “Jesus, Take the Wheel,” “Cry Pretty” and “Temporary Home.” She also sang a Randy Travis classic, “An Old Pair of Shoes.”

Chris Hollo for the Grand Ole Opry
Chris Hollo for the Grand Ole Opry
Chris Hollo for the Grand Ole Opry

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To round out the night, Underwood was surprised by Travis himself onstage with a bouquet of flowers. It was a full circle moment as it was Travis who invited Underwood to join the institution during a show in March 2008.

Grand Ole Opry Instagram Story May 11, 2018
Grand Ole Opry Instagram Story May 11, 2018
Grand Ole Opry Instagram Story May 11, 2018

In a photo of Travis and Underwood, the institution wrote in the caption, “A surprise visit from RANDY TRAVIS to celebrate!”

Another caption on the same photo read, “It was Randy Travis who invited @carrieunderwood to join the #Opry 10 years ago, and he made a surprise visit to celebrate with her tonight! ✨ #OnlyTheOpry.”

While onstage, Underwood told the cheering crowd, “This is my anniversary tonight. And we are very glad that you guys are here to celebrate with us!”

Underwood has been hard at work for her forthcoming album, titled Cry Pretty — her first work since she fell down the steps of her home and needed over 40 stitches on her face.

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Last week, the mother of one released the music video for her album’s first single, “Cry Pretty,” in which the star can be seen crying in the shower before making a triumphant return to the stage and handling the pressures of fame.

She opened up to Today show’s Hoda Kotb about the accident and her recovery from the facial injuries and a broken wrist.

“Plain and simple, it was just kind of a freak accident,” Underwood told Kotb. “I just fell. I just tripped taking my dogs out to do their business. It could happen to anybody.”

She added, “I say if I would have fallen anywhere else, it wouldn’t have been a problem. There was one little step that I went to catch myself on and I missed.”

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