November 16, 2016 06:00 PM

She’s officially going where everybody knows her name.

Country singer Cam, who’s on her first-ever headline tour, tells PEOPLE Now that she isn’t yet used to the fact that concertgoers are turning up just for her.

“It’s so cool,” the 31-year-old admits. “At first you have to stop being like the circus barker, like, ‘It’s me Cam, pay attention!’ You’re trying to usually get people’s attention.”

She adds, “And then as soon as ‘Burning House’ hit, people starting singing-a-long and they know the words and you’re like, ‘My name’s Cam!’ And they’re like, ‘I know!’ ”

On the “Burning House” tour, Cam is set to hit everywhere to Oklahoma to Los Angeles to Detroit.

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She says of her fans and tour attendees, “It’s like your little community. It’s so cool.”

“It’s very new still but it feels really good,” she adds.

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