For Shore! Cam Chats with PEOPLE and Answers All Our Beach Questions

Gearing up for the Tortuga Music Festival, the singer shares her rules for the beach

Photo: Paul Marotta/Getty

Besides the stage, the place Cam loves to be the most, might just be the beach.

Having grown up on the coast of California, the “Mayday” singer says it’s her happy place. So playing the Tortuga Music Festival on the beach in Fort Lauderdale just might be the best of both worlds.

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PEOPLE chatted with Cam, 31, to get up to speed on all her beach basics. Here’s what she told us:

Are you excited to play the Tortuga Music Festival on Friday?
It looks like a huge party! I grew up near the beach; I’m a sucker for it. I can’t wait to hang with [fellow performers] Kelsea [Ballerini] and Elle [King].

Seems like a chance to relive spring break…
Right! Whether that’s good or bad – I’m engaged.

What’s your go-to beach drink?
I’m a gin-and-tonic kind of gal, but on the beach, a pina colada or a margarita.

Favorite music on the beach?
I feel like I’m supposed to say either Beach Boys or Bob Marley … But whatever it is, it’s got to be chill and easygoing.

What’s your earliest beach memory?
We lived a couple blocks away from Huntington Beach in South California. One of my earliest memories, this is going to sound so weird, but as babies you get told, “Never turn your back on the ocean because you can get swept away.” So you’d kind of grow up with a healthy fear of it. I remember thinking the ocean was completely like a living thing, and I would talk to it. I would get in the ocean and be like, “Okay, there’s a truce between us. Don’t mess with me.”

Person you’d most want to be stuck on a deserted beach with?
My fiancé [Adam Weaver]. It sounds cheesy, but I think we’re still early on enough that it’s the truth.

Are you a sun worshipper?
I wish I was into the whole tanning thing because I’m into being tan. If I’m in the water, I’m fine, but the laying there and just slowly roasting, I can’t do it. I don’t have the patience or the body temperature to pull it off. You’ll never see me sunbathing without an umbrella on the beach.

What’s your secret for dealing with those curls at the shore?
It’s a mess. Usually I put it up, and there’s frizzies going everywhere – it’s not glamorous.

Do you have a favorite beach to go to?
I love all beaches. I love the California coastline, I love Big Sur, I love Hawaii, Jamaica and Puerto Rico. I’m just like anywhere there’s a beach is a good thing. I got engaged on Folly Beach in Charleston, so that’s definitely one of my favorites too.

Will your wedding be on the beach too?
I don’t know why, but that seems a little cliché to me. Maybe because we’re around it so much? We’re going to skip the beach for the wedding.

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