How Jason Aldean's Wife Brittany Is Paving a Beauty and Makeup Career of Her Own

Opry Entertainment's YouTube series, "Better Half" puts the spotlight instead on the spouses of country superstars who are managing careers of their own

Country superstar Jason Aldean may be the one who is always center stage — but behind the scenes, his wife Brittany Kerr Aldean is shining just as bright in her career as a makeup artist and lifestyle blogger.

In Opry Entertainment’s new YouTube series, “Better Half,” premiering exclusively on PEOPLE, the spotlight instead shines on the spouses of country superstars who are managing busy careers of their own.

“Trying to make yourself look better and learning new tips and trips really helps women feel better about themselves which is why I love what I do now,” Kerr Aldean, 29, says in the clip. “When I do people’s makeup, the biggest thing for me is the end result and seeing them look in the mirror so excited and so happy because they feel good.”

She adds: “Knowing you just made somebody feel so awesome about themselves is something that you can’t put a price tag on.”

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Kerr Aldean — who is expecting a baby boy with her husband in December — discovered her love of doing makeup while cheering for the NBA’s Charlotte Bobcats from 2011 to 2012.

“I’ve always been interested in beauty and makeup but when I started dancing for the Bobcats, you do your own hair and makeup. You don’t want to go out on the court in front of thousands of people and look crazy,” she says. “I had to learn and I would help the girls with their stuff.”

Kerr Aldean says she’s working on her website and YouTube channel which will cover all things beauty, makeup, fitness, style and holiday preparations.

As for whether she gets to apply her skills to her husband, Kerr Aldean says he’s “such a country boy that he doesn’t like to have makeup on.”

“But if he’s got some cool stuff going on, interviews or a video shoot, then I’ll be right there,” she continues. “It’s convenient for him because I can conceal a couple of things for him.”

The pair began dating in March 2014 and tied the knot a year later in Mexico. Their baby on the way will be Kerr Aldean’s first child, and the country star’s third child as he’s also dad to 10-year-old Kendyl and 14-year-old Keeley.

“I have learned so much from Jason, but we’re such different people,” Kerr Aldean says. “He comes from a really small town, I come from a bigger city so I think we really feed off each other.”

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Though having Aldean, 40, away touring on the road can be difficult, Kerr Aldean has learned to adjust with the support of other artists’ wives and having a night with them dedicated to wine, venting and hanging out.

“Trying to do your own thing separate from your husband is difficult and a lot of people struggle with that,” she says. “I wanted to be with Jason on the road but still wanted my independence.”

She continues: “It’s easy to lose that when you live with somebody who is such a big star. It was hard to find myself in all of that and I’m starting to get the hang of it all.”

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