Brianna Harness Debuts Music Video for Cover of Great-Grandmother Jessi Colter's 'The Canyon'

"I am blessed to have some of the greatest songwriters ever in [my family], so getting to showcase that to my generation has been so incredible,” Brianna Harness tells PEOPLE

Brianna Harness is paying tribute to her great-grandmother.

PEOPLE has the exclusive premiere of the singer's new music video for "The Canyon," a cover of Jessi Colter's song off her 2006 album Out of the Ashes, which was released following the death of her husband Waylon Jennings.

In the powerful video, Harness sings while surrounded by images of horses, wide-open spaces, as well as throwback footage of Colter, now 77.

The track was also featured on Harness' 2020 album, Welcome to My Nightmare.

"'The Canyon' was one of those songs that just grabbed me. I related so much to the metaphors she used to explain love, life and the crazy journey two people travel down," Harness tells PEOPLE. "There are certain lines in the song that are so in tune with what I've been through, so it just felt right."

Brianna Harness
Brianna Harness Burni.Vision. Burni.Vision

Harness, who is also the daughter of country rapper Struggle Jennings, says it's important to her to be able to expose her family's music to new generations.

"Family is everything, and I am blessed to have some of the greatest songwriters ever in mine, so getting to showcase that to my generation has been so incredible," she says. "'The Canyon" is such a timeless masterpiece yet it might have laid deaf on the ears of younger people who have never heard it."

"Music finds us in the moments we need it and this song found me," she adds. "I'm just shedding a lil light by remaking it for my listeners."

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Although Harness has strong country roots, she's always mixed things up when it comes to her own work.

"Musically I haven't stayed in one lane. I've done country records, blues, alternative, R&B and even some songs that have a jazz feel. I love when a song gets lost in space where genres get blurred... those are the moments I feel I find myself, ya know?" she says.

"Content-wise it's right in tune with the rest of my music because I sing about my life, my family's life and experiences," she adds of "The Canyon," which she calls the "only 'country' song on her latest release.

Brianna Harness
Brianna Harness. Burni.Vision

As for what sets herself apart, Harness says that there's "only one me."

"Strengths, weaknesses, talents and flaws...I just embrace it," she says. "I'm always gonna be honest in my music and just tell my story the way I feel it to whatever music fits that moment. We share a lot of the same struggles, but each of us have our individuality, and that's what sets us apart."

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