Sure, he's thankful for his family and his fans, but the other things on the singer's list will surprise you

Credit: Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

Just in time for Thanksgiving, PEOPLE caught up with Brett Eldredge to chat about the things in his life he’s most grateful for.

Of course, at the top of the list is his family – “That’s what really matters in life,” he says – and his fans. “The last few years have been insane for me and I’ve had fans sticking with me from the very beginning. I still see my first 100 Twitter followers out in the crowd.” But there are five much less obvious things that the singer, 29, also counts among his blessings. Here’s what they are:

I love binge-watching shows. It’s how I pass time on my tour bus and it keeps my mind occupied when I need to not think about music and take a break for a minute. I’m into the second season of Fargo right now, it’s so good! And I love Bloodline.

Overly Strong Iced Coffee
There’s a local place in Nashville that I love called Eighth and Roast. I just love their coffee. You know how people order more food than their stomach can handle? I do that for coffee. I order stronger coffee than my body should handle. I end up wired the whole day, hands shaking, and I run all over the place.

I love making goofy faces at my friends and sharing my crazy road stuff with fans. The fans started eating it up, so I’m on it all the time. I like to capture the weirdness of life and the everyday things that are hilarious. I love seeing other people’s stories as well. It’s just a fun app.

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Peanut Butter
I’m addicted to it. It’s literally at the point where I’m thinking about taking a break from peanut butter! I love it with honey, and I love it with bananas, and I love it in my oatmeal It’s the best thing in the world. I sometimes just eat peanut butter straight up. It’s my guilty pleasure.

Tracksuits by day. I like sweatpant tracksuits; they are really comfy. Then I like to dress it up in real suits at night – I dress to impress at night.

Catch Eldredge on the road, where he’s currently co-headlining CMT’s Suits & Boots tour with Thomas Rhett.