Watch the World Premiere of Brett Eldredge's 'Lose My Mind' Music Video

The single singer came up with the concept for his latest video while sitting on a plane thinking about ... girls

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Brett Eldredge came up with video concept for his new single, “Lose My Mind,” while he was sitting on yet another airplane – thinking about girls.

“I’m a very high-strung guy, and I feel like I’m probably going crazy a lot of the time,” the single Eldredge, 29, told PEOPLE at the ACM Awards in Dallas on Sunday. “I just wanted to make a fun video, portraying the way a girl kinda makes you lose your mind and completely wraps all of your thoughts around her.”

The result? A high-spirited brush with utter craziness, with the singer confined to a straitjacket during parts of the clip, costarring Victoria’s Secret model Rachel Hilbert. And seeing as how the song features lyrics such as, “You make all my screws come loose,” there was plenty to work with visually.

“Sitting on a plane, I literally started typing up how I thought it would be to do it, and here I am,” Eldredge said of the storyline. “You make it up and dream it and imagine it, and then you try to make it come true somehow.”

Eldredge, who presented at the 50th annual ACMs, took a moment to absorb the magnitude of the evening while speaking with PEOPLE.

“There are like 75,000 people here tonight. That’s about 10 times more than my hometown,” he said, recalling his days growing up in Paris, Illinois. “I always put that in perspective. When I’m playing a crowd of like 1,000, I think, ‘Oh, this is way more than I went to high school with.’ It makes you kind of recognize where you came from, and I love that feeling.

“I want to play everything and every size venue,” he added, “but I’ll never forget the place I came from.”

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