The country singer also revealed his go-to move when pursuing a potential companion
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In the latest edition of Golf Cart Confessionals, PEOPLE got up close and personal with country singer Brett Eldredge. Eldredge revealed his first kiss, as well as what he looks for in a woman, in Dallas, Texas on Sunday, ahead of the 2015 Academy of Country Music Awards, where he’ll be presenting and award.

Eldredge, who’s currently working on his sophomore album, wouldn’t reveal the name of his first kiss to PEOPLE, but remembered when and where it took place.

“I got my first kiss during some sort of animated movie – it might have been Toy Story,” he said, adding, “Probably when Buzz Lightyear came to the rescue, because, you know, I like to rescue people. I was rescuing her heart, I was stealing it away.”

Eldredge, 29, who won CMA New Artist of the Year in 2014, also admitted his kissing skills were lacking at age 13.

“You’re so nervous on that first kiss, you know, I don’t think it went too well,” said the “Mean to Me” singer. He told PEOPLE he’d advise his younger self to “lay a smack on those lips and sing her a song.”

The star also confessed to serenading women as a wooing tactic, calling it his “favorite sport.” As for his favorite song to sing? Watch the video to find out.

Reporting by KATIE KAUSS

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