How Brett Eldredge's Unreleased Song Ended Up in Tyler Hubbard's Wedding Video

"It's exploded online – everybody started talking about it," Eldredge tells PEOPLE of the tune

Photo: Katie Kauss

Turns out that new Brett Eldredge tune is actually a bit old.

Before the singer-songwriter inked his record deal and released the hit single-spawning album Bring You Back in 2013, he played a number of demos for his pals – including Florida Georgia Line star Tyler Hubbard’s new wife, Hayley Stommel.

“Hayley and I are very good friends and used to live close to each other so before I had any hit songs, she’d heard [them all],” the musician, 29, told PEOPLE Monday.

“‘[Drunk on Your Love]’ was just a demo my buddy and I created on a computer. She played it for Tyler when they started dating and they both loved the song.”

Cut to earlier this month – with friends and family gathered in Sun Valley, Idaho for Stommel and Hubbard’s nuptials, the need for a soundtrack to the wedding video arose.

“The night of the rehearsal [dinner] they were like, ‘We want to use this as our song to unveil our whole wedding video,’ ” Eldredge explains. “My song that I jammed with Hayley to years ago before I even had a record deal is now on their video!”

The response was immediate, with PEOPLE readers IDing Eldredge’s voice and asking where they could get the tune. With his sophomore album, Illinois, being released Sept. 11, is there a chance the track could appear?

“It’s exploded online – everybody started talking about it,” Eldredge says. “I’m going to record on my album in the next couple days there’s a good chance. We’ll see! If it’s not on this album, it’ll be on the next album.”

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