The singer sings a hilarious new tune dedicated to the Lone Star State

By Eileen Finan
October 30, 2014 05:55 PM
Bob D'Amico/ABC/Getty

Brad Paisley unveiled one of the best worst country songs of all time (or the worst best?) on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart this week with a tongue-in-cheek tune called “The State of Texas.”

Daily Show correspondent Jason Jones recruited the singer to perform in celebration of Stewart’s weeklong stint taping his talk show from Austin, Texas – but Jones blissfully ignored the fact that Paisley is not, in fact, a son of the Lone Star State.

“You realize I’m from West Virginia, right?” Paisley asked Jones, who replied with a broad smile, “Yeah, wild, wild west – I love it!”

“And I live in Nashville now ” Paisley continued. “Mmm-hmm. Nashville, Texas!” Jones deadpanned. “Home of country music. Keep singing, country boy!”

With lines like “When teachers tell kids, ‘Howdy’ nearly half of them say, ‘Hola!’/ We’re the state that’s got it all – hell, now we’ve even got ebola!” the tune sent up the state’s political controversies. After Paisley and Jones strummed the last chords, Jones asked the singer, “So I’ll see you at the Grammys?” “I doubt it,” Paisley replied. “CMAs?” Jones said hopefully – but Paisley walked away.

Jason Jones in a ten-gallon at the CMAs? Yes please!

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