"Don't make bets with rappers," warns Paisley, who paid up with a $2,100 bottle of cognac

By Andrea Billups
June 30, 2014 11:00 AM
Credit: Bob D'Amico/ABC

Losing a bet to Ludacris comes at a high price.

Brad Paisley learned that the hard way this week, betting against his fellow Rising Star judge and owing him a $2,100 bottle of cognac in the process.

Just exactly what their friendly wager was about remains unclear, but Paisley, 41, stepped up with a video posted on Instagram Sunday to say he learned his lesson, a giant bottle of Louis XIII beside him on a table.

“Don’t make bets with rappers,” Paisley warned. “They’re very expensive.”

Cut to Ludacris, 36, seen hoisting the Louis XIII de Rémy Martin’s famed red box alongside its elegant glass decanter.

“Man, you better not have poured Hennessy in this thing,” he joked.

Paisley, without giving up details, was clearly concerned about how their bet might shake out. And he seems to have gotten off cheaply, as some vintage bottles of Louis XIII can run as high as $44,000, according to a quick Google search.

However, it turns out that if Paisley had won said bet, Ludacris’s wallet wouldn’t have been lightened.

“If you ever see @ludacris wearing my cowboy hat on @RisingStarABC, you will know he lost the bet I made with him,” Paisley Tweeted on Saturday. Here’s hoping that happens!

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