Brad Paisley Joins New Singing Competition 'Rising Star'

The singer will be an expert on ABC's new reality show, alongside Kesha and Ludacris

Photo: Scott Kirkland/PictureGroup

Move over Blake and Keith, there’s a new country star going primetime!

Brad Paisley will join ABC’s talent competition Rising Star as an expert, along with singer Kesha and rapper Ludacris.

The show, hosted by singer-songwriter Josh Groban, premieres June 22 and will be the first interactive music competition in which viewers can vote via an app to determine if the contestant will advance. The results are given in real time and the singers can see how the voting is going during their performance. Talk about nerve-wracking!

In his role as an expert Paisley, 41, tells PEOPLE, “I’ll be kind – probably.”

“I think being honest is a key thing, but finding a funny way to say things would be good,” he says. “Humor fixes anything. I like to laugh at anything that’s going on so I’ll probably be doing that to my own fault. I’ll probably be sticking my foot in my mouth here and there.”

Yee-haw! It’s Brad Paisley’s Greatest Hits

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