Brad Paisley on Moving on After the Election: 'I Have Complete and Total Faith in Our Country'

At his iHeart Country Live show in Los Angeles on Friday, Brad Paisley said he has confidence the United States can repair from the negativity that surrounded Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton's campaign — if we can focus on love

Brad Paisley believes America will be able to move on from Tuesday’s “unexpected” election.

Sitting down with PEOPLE on Friday before his iHeartCountry Live performance presented by Citi Masterpass at the iHeartRadio Theater in Los Angeles, the 44-year-old country singer said he has confidence the United States can repair from the negativity that surrounded Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton‘s campaigns — if we can focus on love.

“I am really sick of this climate — really sick of the negativity,” he told PEOPLE. “I have two little boys, and I want them to feel like this is the nation that I know. That this is the nation that isn’t petty.”

“We have to be as good as we want to be as a nation,” he added. “We have to do these things, we have to find love.”

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Paisley said that he felt hopeful upon seeing the president meet with president-elect Trump.

“When you see Obama and Trump shake hands, and seem to show respect to one another — that is what we need,” he explained. “I think it’s really important right now. [I was] inspired by watching [it].”

As for what’s next, Paisley is just as curious as the rest of the country is.

“It’s really going to be an interesting thing to see where we go from here, but I have complete and total faith in our country,” he said. “Now we can move on and see what happens.”

The then-President-Elect Donald Trump shakes hands with President Barack Obama at the White House in November 2016. JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty

“I’m going to obviously do my best as a father to set a good example for my children,” he said of his sons Huck, 9½, and Jasper, 7½, with wife Kimberly Williams-Paisley. “I want them to see good examples from our leaders. So that is a challenge for our leaders to do that.”

With his new single “Today” currently topping the country singles charts, and a new album expected in February, Paisley is keeping busy. But there’s one thing he’s not looking forward to: the next election.

“I am totally with these people who say that they want to shorten that and make it a year-long thing as opposed to two,” he said.

He joked: “It’s almost like they put out the Christmas decorations after the Fourth of July this time — it was so absolutely long.”

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