We celebrate the country star's 42nd birthday by looking back on some of his more memorable moments

By Katy Lindenmuth
October 28, 2014 12:30 PM

It’s Brad Paisley’s birthday today and in honor of the wisecracking country star’s big day, we’re reliving some of the funniest things he’s done this year

Like When He Set a Selfie Record
As he closed out CMA Festival in June, Paisley announced to the stadium crowd that he was going to take as many selfies with them as he could. And that he did, hopping off the stage, wading through throngs of adoring fans and snapping hilarious photos on their phones – all without missing a beat of his performance. “Sorry if they’re out of focus and bad,” he Tweeted afterward. “I was busy.”

Brad Paisley at the CMA Music Festival
Wade Payne/AP

Like When He Fought with Josh Groban
For TV, of course! In a memorable episode of the sitcom The Crazy Ones, Paisley (playing himself) squared off with Groban’s Danny Chase, who was burned by the country star at the beginning of his singing career. When Chase mocked Paisley’s twang – ouch! – the face-off ventured into Real Housewives territory.

Brad Paisley on The Crazy Ones

Like When He Rocked a Pink Wig
On the set of his reality competition Rising Star, Paisley swapped out his signature cowboy hat for a Pepto-colored wig. We’re not sure it complements his skin tone, but we applaud his effort to change up his look.

Brad Paisley on Rising Star

Like When He Filmed His Own Guitar Solo
It was just another live performance of his hit “Alcohol” – until he spontaneously grabbed a front-row audience member’s GoPro and filmed himself playing the song’s guitar solo. Right before handing the camera back to its owner, he panned up to his face and gave himself a review: “Not bad!”

Like When He “Leaked” His New Album
Instead of waiting for Moonshine in the Trunk‘s official release date, Paisley pretended to go rogue and leaked the tracks ahead of schedule, which inspired a record label exec to give Paisley s personal email address to a radio station. His inbox was instantly flooded with fan mail, but instead of getting mad – or a new email address – the star wrote back to tons of the messages.

Like When He Was Obsessed with Chick-fil-A
Paisley’s love affair with the fast-food chain is still making us laugh, considering he regularly Tweets about waffle fries and Polynesian sauce. He even name-checked Chick-fil-A in “High Life,” a track on his new album.

Like When He Showed Us His Well-Stocked Bar
Paisley proudly gave PEOPLE a tour of his handsome at-home bar, which features a couple of noteworthy items: moonshine of the maybe-not-legal variety (“That’s just water,” he deadpans while tapping the jar) and a bar glass lifted straight from Air Force One. Watch the video for more from the “Paisley Potion Room Pub.” And Happy Birthday, Brad! Here’s to even more fun this year.

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