"Caitlin is humble about it, but she's done so much work just to make sure that we're able to pull this off," Bobby Bones tells PEOPLE

By Tricia Despres
June 15, 2021 06:15 PM

If it looks as though Bobby Bones and fiancée Caitlin Parker seem quite cool and collected these days despite their upcoming summer wedding, it just might be because ... they are.

"We thought our wedding was going to be in April originally, so we had to hurry and plan," Parker tells PEOPLE in a recent interview about wedding preparations. "And then we pushed it to the summer [because of] COVID. That just sold me into getting a lot done early."

This early prep time has certainly been a godsend for the couple, who already have their hands full with Bones' non-stop schedule, which currently includes not only his syndicated radio show The Bobby Bones Show, but also his new unscripted television series Breaking Bobby Bones on National Geographic.

But at the very same time, love has certainly been in the air as of late for the couple, who got engaged in October of 2020. Just this past Saturday, Bones, 41, and Parker, 29, attended the wedding of Caitlin's sister, Grace.

"Wedding szn," Bones wrote on his Instagram page. "Maid of honor of the year goes to @caitcparker ! Congrats to @djgassoand @showthem_grace."

"My sister got married last night," Parker added on an Instagram post on Sunday. "Around 2008 we landed on these picture poses which exclusively include some sort of peace sign and kiss face and we never really moved past them. If it ain't broke don't fix it. I love you Grace GASSO!!!"

Just a week before that, Bones and Parker were in attendance at the wedding of Bones' producer Mike Deestro.

"Bride and Groom," Bones wrote on his Instagram page on June 5. "And almost bride and groom. Congrats @mikedeestro and @kelsey.brooke_"

If that wasn't enough, Parker enjoyed what Bobby referred to as 'her first wedding shower' back in her home state of Oklahoma on May 29.

"I had the best cookbook and recipe shower in Oklahoma yesterday," Parker wrote on her Instagram page on May 30. "If you've been a soon-to-be bride in the past year, you know it can be hard to feel like a bride during this time. But yesterday I felt like a REAL BRIDE!! I couldn't have felt more loved or any prouder to be from my state."

And while details of Bones and Parker's impending wedding are being kept fairly quiet, rest assured that this is one couple not stressing much over what the future holds for them. But yes, Parker is the first to admit that she does have help — hence, her wedding planner, Ninth & Everett. And frankly, she says weddings really aren't her thing.

"I never really thought about my wedding, so I'm probably the worst bride ever," Parker laughs during a recent interview with PEOPLE. "Thankfully I am lucky enough to have a wedding planner that's helping me out. And when he shows me three pictures, it's like, 'Eeny, meeny, miny, mo' or 'I don't care ... just choose for me.' So, I'm sure he's like, 'Yeah, it's not as easy as you're making it seem.' But for me, it's been pretty easy."

"Caitlin is humble about it, but she's done so much work just to make sure that we're able to pull this off," Bones quickly interjects.

Adds Parker, "[Bobby] is going to be just as surprised as our guests on the day of the wedding."

And while the award-winning radio and TV personality admits to being just as lowkey as his fiancée about all of the wedding hoopla, there were some items on the to-do list that definitely fell to him.

"There were some things that I've taken the lead on," explains Bones, who also confirmed that he hired a "'90s country band" for their rehearsal dinner. "Like the singer of our first dance, I had to reach out to them and go, 'Hey, we'd love for you to do it.' It's always a weird call when your friends are famous."