Blake Shelton Jokes There's 'Just a Hint of Sarcasm' in His Latest Single

Go behind the scenes of the video for his bitter breakup song "She's Got a Way with Words"


She may have a way with words, but Blake Shelton‘s got a way with videos.

Following up his sexy beachside clip for “Came Here to Forget,” Shelton went back home to film the video for his latest single, “She’s Got a Way with Words.” The singer purchased an old dentist’s office in his hometown of Tishomingo, Oklahoma and gutted it, transforming it into the dive bar set for his latest project.

With lyrics like, “She put the S.O.B. in sober/She put the hang in hangover/She put the ex in sex/She put the low in blow/She put a big F.U. in my future/Yeah she’s got a way/She’s got a way with words,” it’s a tune any fan who’s ever been bitter and brokenhearted over an ex will appreciate.

“There’s just a hint of sarcasm in this one,” he jokes of the tune in PEOPLE’s exclusive behind-the-scenes clip. “I have high hopes for this one.”

In addition to the town’s dentist office, Shelton, who recently celebrated his 40th birthday, also purchased the Pink Pistol property formerly owned by his ex, Miranda Lambert, after she closed it down.

“As a resident of Tishomingo I’m very sorry that the Pink Pistol has decided to move its operations out of the area,” Shelton told Entertainment Tonight in May. “We all, as a community, appreciate everything it has done for our town. As for the actual properties left behind … I was offered the opportunity to buy them, and I have a plan brewing.”

“She’s Got a Way with Words” is the second single off Shelton’s chart-topping new album If I’m Honest. The full-length clip premiered Tuesday on his Twitter account.

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