Weekend Update should make room for a big red chair


Blake Shelton‘s hosting stint on Saturday Night Live is just two days away, and based on the strength of this promo, we’re excited.

And if there’s one thing we can do to alleviate some of our anticipation, it’s to wildly speculate. So here are five things we want to see Shelton do on SNL.

1. Anchor ‘Weekend Update’ from a Big Red Chair

SNL has tackled The Voice before, but how cool would it be to do that with an actual Voice judge? Maybe Stefon could return and give Shelton advice on New York’s hottest clubs to frequent while he’s in town.

2. Don a Chicken Suit

The Lumineers don’t have quite the cultural capital in 2015 they did in 2013, but that’s no reason to skip this opportunity to bring back the majestic chicken suit Shelton donned back when Jimmy Fallon was hosting Late Night. And SNL‘s studios are so close to Fallon’s! It’s doable!

3. Show Off His Tattoos in a Justin Bieber/Calvin Klein Parody

Shelton’s not particularly proud of his deer track/barb-wire tattoo, per that interview, but we’d give plenty to see him step into Justin Bieber‘s skivvies for a parody clip. Kate McKinnon set the bar pretty high, though.

4. Play Tom Brady in a DeflateGate Sketch

The New England Patriots have been all over the news this week for reports that they used a set of deflated footballs in their victory over the Indianapolis Colts Sunday. It would be amazing to see Shelton play Tom Brady in a sketch lampooning the controversy.

5. Bring His Friends and Family

The list of guest stars Shelton could bring onto the show is a long one: Miranda Lambert, Gwen Stefani, Luke Bryan, Hoda Kotb he could even have Adam Levine on to ratchet their rivalry up a few notches not that it needs it.

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