The singer chats about his experience on the show – and also shares how to get his current album free!

By Danielle Anderson
Updated January 26, 2015 12:05 PM

We’ve seen him rock a mullet (just Google some vintage pics), and thanks to his gig hosting SNL and the hilarious Bachelor-esque skit he did, the world now knows that Blake Shelton can also pull off blond hair.

In fact, the singer says it was important to him to go along with whatever the show’s writers wanted him to do. “I wanted to take the full ride and what a ride it was,” Shelton tells PEOPLE. “Any sketch the cast and writers wanted to do, I was up for it. They are an amazing group of talented people.”

Shelton, currently offering his album Bringing Back the Sunshine on Google Play for free (“I think the word you mean here is ‘complimentary,’ ” he jokes. “Everyone likes to be complimented, so we’re Bringing Back the Sunshine as a complimentary gift to my fans!”), says that the highlight of his Saturday night actually wasn’t any of the sketches. “I’m most excited about me and the band getting to play ‘Neon Light’ and ‘Boys ‘Round Here,’ ” he shares. “[SNL is] an iconic show and it was cool to be part of it.”

There is one sketch Shelton wishes he could have done, though. “Dick in a Box!” he says. “That’s a skit I would have loved to be a part of. Classic!”