"It's amazing how quickly life can turn around for you," the country singer said

Credit: Trae Patton/NBC/Getty Images

Less than three months after Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert announced their divorce, the country crooner has shed new light on his adjustment to life as a single man.

“I’m good, I’m good,” Shelton, 39, said with a smile in an interview that aired on CMT’s Hot 20 Countdown on Saturday. “I’m not in rehab. I have to pick up a magazine every now and then to see what my alter ego, I guess, [is doing].”

Then Shelton got serious and shared his new perspective in the wake of positive developments.

“I’m in a good place,” he said. “I wasn’t, but I am now. It’s amazing how quickly life can turn around for you. I’ve had some pretty cool things in recent times that have happened, and I’m loving it.”

One thing that hasn’t changed: Shelton’s sense of humor, especially when it comes to speculation that he’s lost weight since the split.

“I would like to sit here and tell you that I’ve been exercising, but I haven’t been,” he said. “I push-mow my lawn.”

As Shelton explained, his trimmer physique is the result of heavy summer rain in his home state of Oklahoma.

“In the middle of processing chaos with my personal life, I walked out and I was thinking, ‘What’s going on in my life?'” Shelton joked. “I mean, ‘This is so crazy, [but] what the hell is going on with my yard? It’s like, are you kidding me? It’s like three feet tall out here. What happened?'”

When he’s not taming overgrown grass, the singer has stayed busy judging season 9 of NBC’s The Voice alongside fellow superstars Gwen Stefani, Adam Levine and Pharrell and promoting Reloaded: 20 #1 Hits, his career-spanning collection out Oct. 23. During a set at the iHeartRadio festival in Las Vegas last month, Shelton joked about how he drank to calm himself for the stage.

“So then, I just want y’all to know, I got nervous and I’m still nervous right now, and when I get nervous I tend to drink a little bit, okay,” he told the audience while holding a red Solo cup. “I’m just being honest with you.”

The appearance sparked rumors about a drinking problem, but sources told PEOPLE the country star’s jokes shouldn’t cause concern.

“It’s simply a case of Blake having supersized this persona of him having fun and drinking,” a source said.

Meanwhile, Shelton has insisted he and Lambert remain on good terms in the weeks following their divorce.

“Our whole thing was: You know, we’re just going to be cool about this. It is what it is,” he said of the split in an interview on the Bobby Bones Show in late September. “We’re buddies.”

Meanwhile, Lambert added another pal to her circle last week. The singer, 31, announced that she adopted a furry friend in a cute Instagram she shared on Thursday, writing in part, “Guess who has a kitten now?”