Blake Shelton Will Celebrate with a 'Couple of Gallons' If His Album 'If I'm Honest' Reaches No. 1

"There's going to be a celebration either way, but there's a number two album celebration and there's a number one celebration," he tells PEOPLE

Photo: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Blake Shelton is no stranger to having a good time, but if his latest album If I’m Honest hits No. 1, the country star is really going to throw a party.

Though he’s been sitting pretty at No. 1 on iTunes, the “She’s Got a Way with Words” singer hasn’t begun celebrating just yet.

“I want to wait and see what happens,” he told PEOPLE exclusively Monday. “There’s going to be a celebration either way, but there’s a No. 2 album celebration and there’s a No. 1 album celebration.”

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Shelton released his new album on the same day as Ariana Grande and had already settled for the second spot on iTunes before being pleasantly surprised.

“It crazy ’cause when I heard last week that my album and Ariana Grande’s album were going to be released at the same time, I was like ‘Aw, well, that’s still okay. Maybe we can get No. 2.’ So when I saw that it got to No. 1 on iTunes, it’s like, ‘Are you kidding me?’ I can’t wrap my head around it!”

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So what exactly is the difference between celebrating an album that’s sitting at the top spot versus just one below on the sales chart?

“A couple of gallons, for sure!” he said, laughing.

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