Blake Shelton Gives Gwen Stefani's 'Revlon-Red Lips' a Sweet Shout-Out on His New Album

There's even a mention of Stefani's "Revlon red" lips

Blake Shelton can’t help but gush about girlfriend Gwen Stefani on his new album, Texoma Shore.

The 41-year-old country singer, who has been hot and heavy with Stefani since they began dating in November 2015, gave the L.A.M.B. designer a sweet shout-out in one of the album’s tracks called “Turnin’ Me On.”

Co-written with Jessi Alexander and Josh Osborne, the song calls back to Shelton and Stefani’s time “messing around” (something he elaborated on in a recent concert).

There’s even a mention of Stefani’s “Revlon red” lips — a fitting reference considering the 48-year-old No Doubt frontwoman became Revlon’s latest global ambassador in January.

“Knows how to set me on fire / she’s always holdin’ the match / And when my body’s beside hers / there ain’t no turnin’ back,” Shelton sings in the tune. “She’s Revlon red in the blackest night / lighting up the room in the world just like she’s turnin’ me on.”

Gwen Stefani/Revlon
Courtesy Revlon

Elsewhere on the track, Shelton hints that Stefani knows how to get him in the mood.

“Her kisses taste like whiskey / Burning through my veins / She don’t know how to miss me / She hits right where she aims/ Baby’s got my number and she’s calling me up/ Knows what she’s doing with a single touch,” he sings.

“She’s turnin’ me on, turnin’ me on / Pushing my buttons like it ain’t no thang,” Shelton continues in the chorus. “If I’m what she wants, she gets what she wants / The neon’s buzzin’ when she pulls that string / Turnin’ me on like it’s her job / Sometimes I think she must get off on / Turnin’ me on, turnin’ me on.”

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Of course, this isn’t the only time Shelton appears to be referencing Stefani on his album.

The first single, “I’ll Name the Dogs,” is all about a couple deciding to tie the knot and start their lives together. And while he hasn’t yet announced plans to walk down the aisle with Stefani, it’s hard not to see their romance in the lyrics.

Blake Shelton Gwen Stefani
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“You find the spot and I’ll find the money / You be the pretty and I’ll be the funny / You plant the flowers, I’ll plant the kisses / Baby let’s get right down to business,” Shelton sings. “I’ll hang the pictures, you hang the stars / You pick the paint, I’ll pick a guitar / Sang you a song out there with the crickets and the frogs / You name the babies and I’ll name the dogs.”

“Laying next to you every night? Sounds like a damn good life,” Shelton adds.

If that weren’t enough, Stefani’s two oldest sons — Zuma, 8, and Kingston, 10, — even make a cameo in the video, dancing while dressed in suits.

2017 Billboard Music Awards - Backstage and Audience
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Stefani has also given Shelton a few shout-outs of her own in her songs, including the 2016 track “Make Me Like You” from her album This Is What the Truth Feels Like.

The two have sung love duets too — from their single, “Go Ahead and Break My Heart,” off of Shelton’s album, If I’m Honest, to the title track off of Stefani’s upcoming You Make It Feel Like Christmas.

“Sleigh bells singing ‘Hallelujah’ / Stars are shining on us too / I want to thank you, baby / You make it feel like Christmas,” they sing on the latter song.

Stefani and Shelton met as coaches on The Voice and linked up in wake of their high-profile divorces from their respective spouses — Shelton from Miranda Lambert, and Stefani from Gavin Rossdale.

Courtesy Warner Music Nashville

Texoma Shore, named for the lake on the Texas-Oklahoma border where Shelton spent much of his childhood, dropped Friday.

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