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June 10, 2016 03:00 PM

brightcove.createExperiences(); Blake Shelton isn’t afraid to call out his haters.

The 39-year-old Voice coach fired back at some Internet trolls who were attacking him on Twitter Thursday night in an epic series of tweets that should have any haters thinking twice about crossing him.

The battle began when one tweeter criticized Shelton while referencing his girlfriend Gwen Stefani‘s song “Used to Love You.” “@blakeshelton I ‘used to love you’ not so much anymore,” the Twitter user wrote. “I turn off the radio at work when any of ur songs come on. Can’t stand u anymore.”

“Oh no!!! Now what will I do?!!!” Shelton shot back. “Someone who doesn’t know me at all can’t stand me!! How will I live?!!”

That should have been enough to silence the Twitter user, but she mocked him in her response. “Ahhhhh damn. I hurt your feelings. So sorry!! Not.” she wrote, adding that the country crooner had “changed and not in a good way.”

“I’m starting to realize that maybe you’re a little slow..?” Shelton responded. “I’ll help you. If you don’t like me then why follow me?”

“Here s the part where she s blankly staring at her can of Pringles trying to figure it out herself,” he added.

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The Twitter user tried to defend herself by saying that she wasn’t slow, but Shelton quickly responded saying “No I’m still pretty sure you are” before blocking her.

Then, the Oklahoma native dropped the gauntlet on any future haters coming his way.

“And to any haters out there,” he said. “Have yourself a nice warm cup full of camel balls.”

Mic. Drop.

It’s tweets like this that earned Shelton the “Social Superstar” award at the CMT Music Awards on Wednesday night – which was voted for by fans.

“CMT’s Social Superstar – that’s not what I was going for, but what the hell!” Shelton said, accepting the belt buckle-shaped hardware. “I have a few drinks and get on Twitter once in a while. I didn’t know you could get paid for that, but damn!”

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