"We live in the middle of nowhere and have a totally different life away from work," Lambert told PEOPLE in 2014
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Despite building a charming small-town life together, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert‘s marriage came to an abrupt and shocking end. The country duo, who divorced Monday after four years of marriage, resided in Tishomingo, Oklahoma for much of their time together.

Shelton, 39, and Lambert, 31, were well known for their laidback lifestyle, sharing a ranch described in Men’s Journal as a “small prairie fiefdom.”

“We live in the middle of nowhere and have a totally different life away from work,” Lambert told PEOPLE in 2014. “We do the things we sing about in our songs – we go four-wheeling, we back-road, we fish, we eat at my mother-in-law’s at least twice a week.”

After the announcement Monday, Jackie Baker, owner of Bakers Mercantile and a tenant of Lambert’s told PEOPLE: “They’re just very normal people, very down-to-earth, very caring country people.”

Shopping at the same stores and lending a hand to the locals when needed, the pair hoped to stay as grounded as others in town.

“Just recently during the flood, [Blake] was driving and stopped and helped a guy get out of the flood waters,” Baker shares. “He just did things like that.”

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In 2013, Shelton described the couple’s best date at home as: “Throwing a cooler in the back of the pickup and driving around the property clearing brush and singing to the radio or having dinner at the all-you-can-eat rib buffet and dessert at the Dairy Queen. When we get home, we like to be home.”

Lambert enjoyed their tiny town as well. She renovated and opened the first location of her store Pink Pistol on Main Street. She told PEOPLE in 2013 that she wanted a hobby because Blake was “constantly out in the woods or in his lodge.”

“This store is part of my personality,” she told PEOPLE. “This place is a little piece of who I am. It makes me feel at home.”

Baker adds: “Miranda was just like any other business person on Main Street. She came into my store and she was like anyone else. In Tishomingo, people didn’t treat her any differently.”

One year after opening her gift store, the “Kerosene” singer opened a “boutique bed and breakfast” called The Ladysmith. Shelton recently filmed his music video for his latest single “Sangria” at the chic B&B.

Publisher and Managing Editor of the Johnston County Capital-Democrat Ray Lokey tells PEOPLE the divorce will “definitely have an impact” on Lambert’s businesses in the couple’s small town.

He adds: “We hope the investments in these businesses remain. One of the draws (to the Ladysmith, Pink Pistol) is that someone might bump into Miranda there. Those people who visited for that draw won’t be here anymore.”

For country fans and small-town folk alike, this particular divorce was hard to swallow.

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