"If there were two people who were truly meant to be together, I would have said it was the two of them," wedding planner Kathy Best told PEOPLE

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After 10 years together, country superstars Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert are calling it quits. Subscribe now for an inside look into their shocking split, only in PEOPLE.

When news of Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert‘s divorce broke on Monday, the couple’s friends were just as shocked as their heartbroken fans.

“If there were two people who were truly meant to be together, I would have said it was the two of them,” Kathy Best, Lambert’s former publicist and wedding planner, told PEOPLE.

“I can’t speculate on their recent circumstances, but as Miranda’s former publicist for many years and their wedding planner, I know what they went through to be together and I know how Miranda felt about Blake and about family in general … Miranda believed in true love and deserved the fairy tale.”

Nowhere did the news hit harder than in their adopted hometown of Tishomingo, Oklahoma. “They’re just very normal people, very down-to-earth, very caring,” Jackie Baker, who owns Bakers Mercantile in Tishomingo, told PEOPLE.

The tight-knit community is “in a state of shock,” added Ray Lokey, publisher and managing editor of the Johnston County Capital-Democrat. “We love them both to pieces. We’re so grateful to both of them, especially Miranda. She’s turned our local economy around.”

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However, Sarah Potenza, one of Shelton’s contestants on the last season of The Voice, says that looking back now, there may have been signs of a growing distance between the couple.

“She wasn’t really around at all, and she never Tweeted about any of the contestants or anything during the season, and in the past she has,” Potenza told PEOPLE. “I guess that’s why I wasn’t really shocked to hear the news, but it’s sad.”

In the wake of their split, both the country stars are focusing on work. Shelton, 39, is wrapping up on the set of The Voice this week, and Lambert, 31, is set to perform in Nashville next week.

“He’s devastated, but he’s been really private about it,” said a Shelton source. “He’s focused on the job and has been as engaged and friendly as he has always been.”

Added a Lambert pal: “She’s sad and trying to process everything. She’s doing the best she can and taking it day by day.”

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