He's single and looking – why not put his heart on the line on national TV?

By Katie Kauss
January 08, 2015 10:20 AM
Credit: Joseph Llanes

If you happened to be following Twitter during Monday night’s epic three-hour premiere of The Bachelor, you may have noticed Brett Eldredge chiming in with his two cents’ worth during the show.

“Channel surfing and had to stop on #thebachelor because I’m pretty sure a girl is hammered and about to barf on the other girls,” he Tweeted.

It got us thinking, would the country star, who is 28 and single, make a good Bachelor?

For starters, he’s kind, talented and cute and obviously looking for the right girl.

While we’re certain Eldredge would probably not be able to keep a straight face whenever Chris Harrison declares it’s “the most dramatic rose ceremony yet,” we still think the singer would make an excellent choice for the show’s upcoming 20th season.

Here are a few reasons why:

He’s already comfortable in crowds of adoring women
Sure, 30 single women vying for your love and attention in a relatively small space could be overwhelming, but that’s just your average Friday night for Eldredge, who confronts that reality many times over when he takes the stage to perform.

He loves his mama
Let’s be honest: A man who treats his mama well is a man worth fighting for. Take a peek at the “Mean to Me” singer’s Instagram feed and you’ll see him frequently posting – and gushing about – his mama. But perhaps even more endearing was the singer’s excitement about hugging his mom after winning his first CMA Award (a cute moment we just happened to capture on camera).

His serenades are the real thing
No need to hire a singer to perform for the couple on a romantic one-on-one date: Eldredge can serenade the ladies on a bluff from whatever tropical island they’re on or when they’re alone in the – ahem – fantasy suite.

He’s comfortable in a bathing suit
It’s obligatory for every season of The Bachelor to include copious amounts of beach or hot tub time and we don’t think that should be a problem for Eldredge. It seems every vacation for the singer involves the ocean, beach, fishing and some sort of extreme sport. Helicopter rides, swimming with sharks, sky diving you get the idea. We’re certain he’ll have no problem taking on whatever adventure the ABC producers throw at him.

He’s mastered the art of talking to the camera
Those slightly awkward interviews where the Bachelor is required to talk to the camera about their feelings? Well, Eldredge is a pro. Almost once a week the singer treats us to a little ‘chat’ on Instagram – especially great are the videos he films from his bed.