Austin Burke Relives His Wedding to Wife Lexy in 'Take My Life' Music Video: The 'Most Special Day'

The couple got married in December 2019 after dating for nearly eight years

Austin Burke is reliving the day he and his wife Lexy said "I do."

On Friday, PEOPLE is exclusively premiering the music video for the country rising star's sweet track "Take My Life." That music video includes real footage from his wedding with Lexy in December 2019 as he sings "I'll give you all I got till the day I die."

"I am so excited for the world to see into the most special day of my life — the day I got to marry my best friend," Austin, 28, tells PEOPLE. "This song will be a wedding song for years to come and I'm so proud to use the footage from our special day."

Austin Burke and wife
Austin and Lexy Burke. Danielle Lozeau

He continued, "We used our wedding videographer Christian McGee to film the music video. He already had all the content from the wedding day so we went back to the same venue that we got married at and shot the remainder of the video. It was cool to go back two years later. I was just happy my suit still fit!"

The music video opens with Austin sitting on a stool and wearing a suit as he strums his acoustic guitar. Eventually, the video pans through the major moments from their wedding day, like Lexy getting dressed, walking down the aisle, their first dance and leaving the reception together.

"Take my days and take my nights/Take my hand and hold on tight," he sings. "Take it slow, drink it up to the last drop/Take a gamble, all in on the long shot."

Lexy, 28 — who works as a content creator — says there are "no words" to describe how "special" it was to relive "one of the best days of our life."

Austin Burke
Austin and Lexy Burke. Danielle Lozeau

"I could barely see after I heard 'Take My Life' for the first time," she says. "My eyes were so full of tears. It just felt so genuine and crazy because it is exactly how I feel exactly about him but put into a song."

The singer released the song in May, and he previously announced he would give 15% of the masters back to his songwriters.

The day after his wedding, he dedicated a heartwarming post on Instagram with photos from their special day. Next to it, he detailed his vows in a lengthy caption.

"Today I get to marry my best friend in front of the people we both love most in life. Today marks not just a promise to you, but a promise to your parents, my parents, all of our family and friends, but most importantly it marks a promise to God," he wrote.

He continued, before detailing his eight vows, "A promise that I will love you today, I will love you tomorrow And I will love you till my last breath on this earth. Today, December 31, 2019 I get to stand in front of you and vow my life to you as your husband."

Austin Burke and wife
Austin and Lexy Burke. Danielle Lozeau

"Take My Life" isn't the first time he dedicates a song to Lexy — in September 2019, he released a song called "Love You Most."

At the time, he wrote on Instagram, "This song means so much to me. It's the direction my music is heading, yet exactly where I am in life. So many people love Lexy. She lights up every room. A lot of my songs are about love because I've never been more in love in my life."

He continued, "She's my fiancé, about to be my wife, and this song is about the little things I love about her. I think country music is all about being honest and being real and this song is just that. I hope y'all enjoy. It's about damn time for some new music. Thank y'all for changing my life every day."

The music video for "Take My Life" is out now.

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